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Accessory - SD Card - Patlite SDV-128P

This product is an accessory for the following products: Audible Alarm with 32 Sounds, 80mm Square Patlite BD Series Combination LED Rotating Beacon w/ 4 Channels, MP3 Patlite RFV Series LED Worklight - Light Bar Patlite CLK Series MP3 Compatible, 32-Sound LED Light Tower Patlite LKEH-FE Series MP3 Compatible, Voice Synthesizer LED Light Tower Patlite LKEH-FV Series MP3 File Playback Circuit Board & Voice Synthesizer Patlite FV-127 MP3 Voice Annunciator, Panel Mount Patlite BDV Series MP3 Voice Annunciator, Panel Mount Patlite BKV Series Slim MP3 Audible Alarm/Speaker System, Panel Mount Patlite BSV Series Voice and Sound Module for LU7 Series Unique MP3 Programmable Module LU7-V1


  • Part number SDV-128P
  • Manufactured by PatLite
  • Memory card
  • 128MB
  • Great for Patlite BD, BDV, BKV, LKEH and WG series!