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Light Towers/Stack Lights

37.5mm Wall Mount Signal Tower, DeviceNet - Patlite WEP-D3 (LED) Series

If your control bus is a DeviceNetâ„¢ system, Patlite has one signal tower choice for you. This low cost industrial network solution is rapidly growing in popularity. DeviceNetâ„¢ can give you the connectivity to eliminate expensive wiring while providing device-level diagnostics and control. Our DeviceNetâ„¢ series will improve machine/operator communications and increase production. These high quality LED status indicators feature bright and long lasting LEDs, as well as a modern, aesthetic design. This wall-mounted series is available with or without an audible alarm. The Patlite WEP-D3 Series, is a wall-mount signal tower supporting the DeviceNet(TM) system for industrial network connections to illiminate the high cost of conventional wiring.


  • Manufactured by PatLite
  • Mountable on wall or ceiling.
  • Unique 37.5mm profile.
  • Super bright LEDs.
  • Optional buzzer.
  • Colors: red, yellow, green
  • IP-23 rated.