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57mm LED Light Tower - Patlite SE-D/SEFB-D Series

See notes below regarding recommended replacement series!

May 20, 2011 - Patlite has announced that it will discontinue the SE/SEFB series on 12/31/11. Orders for these products will be accepted on a first come/first serve basis until stock is depleted. The replacement series will be the LME series which is a 60mm diameter light (SE/SEFB is 50mm).


  • Manufactured by PatLite
  • Please note this series will be discontinued December 31, 2011!
    • After stock is depleted they will not longer be available to order
    • Replacement series is the LME series
  • LED modules are interchangeable and stackable after purchase. (Up to 5 LED modules.)
  • New LED modules use patented Double Reflection System.
  • Colors are available in Red, Amber, Green, Blue and Clear.
  • Pole mount only, with 300mm steel pole, SZ-013 angle bracket, 2 nuts, 2 washers
  • If you would like a base mount for this light tower you could order # SZ-010 as a separate part
  • 1-5 modules can be stacked
  • Meets IP-54 standards.
  • FB-type includes two-tone integral alarm (adjustable from 70-90dB/m) and flashing circuit (flashes 60 times per minute.)
  • - Alarm 1: selectable, single-tone, intermittent (fast beep) alarm, 85dB (at 1m)
  • - Alarm 2: selectable, single tone, intermittent (slow beep) alarm, 85dB (at 1m)
  • 12V and 24V models are CE compliant.
  • - Dry contact closure such as switches or relay contacts
  • - Open-collector transistor (NPN or PNP for DC24V, NPN for AC120V)
  • - Direct voltage control for DC24V, continuous and alarm functions only