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Light Towers/Stack Lights

Explosion Safe Horn & Stack Light, Zone 2 - Patlite LKEH/EXN

PATLITE offers an explosion-safe Horn with LED tiers and pre-recorded Melodies and Chimes, suitable for Zone 2 and Zone 22 applications.


  • Manufactured by PatLite
  • 100mm diameter
  • Explosion-safe for Gas and Dust
  • Suitable for Zone 2 and Zone 22
  • CE Compliant in accordance to ATEX
  • Protection Rating of IP65
  • Adjustable audible sound (dB at 1m) of 105dB
  • Temperature range of -10? to +50?
  • 24VDC input
    • 32 sounds can be played using the binary input mode
    • 8 sounds can be played using the bit input mode
  • LED is visible from a far distance
  • The body is made of Acrylonitrile-Ethylene-Styrene material for weather resistance
  • One common wire is used for both LED and audible channels for easy control
  • Standard signal input is NPN, with PNP input available as a special order
  • 32 combinations of pre-recorded Melodies and Chimes
  • Maximum 105dB at 1 meter with adjustable volume control