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Safety Solutions

EandM is the approved distributor of SICK products for automotive plants in California.

The products listed below are specified for use in automotive plants.

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Safety Light Curtains C4000 Select

  • Type 4 (IEC 61496), PL e (EN ISO 13849)
  • Configuration via DIP switch, without PC
  • Long scanning range up to 19 m
  • Integrated laser alignment aid and alignment display
  • Robust housing with three mounting grooves for maximum mounting flexibility
  • Single beam / double beam blanking
  • Diagnostics via 7-segment display - error codes directly on the device
  • Beam coding for correct system allocation
  • Cascadable up to three systems or with one safety laser scanner

Operator Manual | Data Sheet

In the tables below, select the products you're interested in and select the button at the bottom of the page.

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C4000 Select with Bottom Endcap Extension on Both Sender and Receiver and Indicator Lamp on Receiver
Protective FieldResolutionPart Numbers and Model Designations
Height (mm)(mm)Sender OnlyReceiver OnlySender and Receiver
300301204154 (XC40S-0303A0A00BA0)1204166 (XC40E-0303A0A0CBC0)1043135 (XC40P-0303A0A0CBC0)
450301208877 (XC40S-0403A0A0BAA0)1208950 (XC40E-0403A0A0CBC0)1052727 (XC40P-0403A0A0CBC0)
600301204156 (XC40S-0603A0A00BA0)1204167 (XC40E-0603A0A0CBC0)1043136 (XC40P-0603A0A0CBC0)
750301208879 (XC40S-0703A0A00BA0)1208886 (XC40E-0703A0A0CBC0)1052728 (XC40P-0703A0A0CBC0)
900301204158 (XC40S-0903A0A00BA0)1204168 (XC40E-0903A0A0CBC0)1043137 (XC40P-0903A0A0CBC0)
1050301208880 (XC40S-1003A0A00BA0)1208887 (XC40E-1003A0A0CBC0)1052729 (XC40P-1003A0A0CBC0)
1200301204160 (XC40S-1203A0A00BA0)1204169 (XC40E-1203A0A0CBC0)1043138 (XC40P-1203A0A0CBC0)
1350301208882 (XC40S-1303A0A00BA0)1208888 (XC40E-1303A0A0CBC0)1052730 (XC40P-1303A0A0CBC0)
1500301204162 (XC40S-1503A0A00BA0)1204170 (XC40E-1503A0A0CBC0)1043139 (XC40P-1503A0A0CBC0)
1650301208884 (XC40S-1603A0A00BA0)1208889 (XC40E-1603A0A0CBC0)1052731 (XC40P-1603A0A0CBC0)
1800301204164 (XC40S-1803A0A00BA0)1204171 (XC40E-1803A0A0CBC0)1043140 (XC40P-1803A0A0CBC0)

Safety Light Scanners S3000

  • Modular design
  • 4 m, 5.5 m or 7 m protective field range
  • Up to 21 switchable field sets (21 protective fields, 42 warning fields)
  • EFI interface for safe SICK device communication
  • Selectable resolution for hand, leg or body detection
  • Configuration memory integrated in the system plug
  • Direct integration in PROFINET IO safe bus system
  • Incremental encoder inputs for speed-dependent field switching

Operator Manual | Data Sheet

VariantField SetsProtective Field RangeModel NamePart #
S3000 Standard14mS30A-4011BA1028934
S3000 Standard15.5mS30A-6011BA1023546
S3000 Standard17mS30A-7011BA1023890
S3000 Advanced44mS30A-4011CA1028935
S3000 Advanced45.5mS30A-6011CA1023547
S3000 Advanced47mS30A-7011CA1023891

Safety Relay UE10-30S

  • Ideal for applications with opto-electronic protective devices and safety controllers with OSSD outputs
  • Evaluation unit for a safe processing of OSSD output signals
  • 3 safety outputs, 1 application diagnostic output
  • Fast tool-free mounting/disassembly due to to pluggable terminals
  • Feedback signal for external device monitoring (EDM)

Operator Manual | Data Sheet