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AUTEM: PLC-Analyzer Pro5


Fields of application

  • Dailure diagnosis in PLC systems
  • Detecting and localizing of sporadic errors
  • Analysis and optimization / cycle time reduction
  • Long-term recording of measured values
  • Documentation & support of QA, TPM/OEE
  • Development / Construction
  • Installation
  • Maintenance

Download and Install Demo

PLC-ANALYZER pro 5 is an indispensable tool for PLC software development, construction, installation, maintenance and training.

PLC-ANALYZER Pro5 is a software system for logic analysis and acquisition of recorded data on PLC-controlled facilities. Acquisition, representation, and evaluation of PLC signals (i.e. inputs, outputs, flags, data words and etc.) are now very easy.

The online display makes it possible to make observations of the signal waveform in real time. In addition to long-term recording, trigger conditions can be specified by the acquisition of particular events, which allows rarely occurring sporadic errors to be recorded for future analysis.

In contrast to traditional logic analyzers, the PLC-ANALYZER Pro5 has the decisive advantage of recording process data through standardized PLC interfaces. The program can support MPI/PPI, PROFIBUS and TCP/IP Ethernet for SIMATIC S7, or it can support the programming unit interface for SIMATIC S5. A computer that is connected for the purpose of programming the PLC, can be used for recording process data without hardware modifications. The tiresome process of hooking up monitoring cables is now a thing of the past!

AUTEM offers an inexpensive licensing model included with the primary subscription – with the option of additional licenses for other workstations.

Cycle precise recording is very attractive because of its complete acquisition of measured values, during every PLC sequence. By using the measurement interface AD_USB Box, external voltage and current signals (which are not available in the PLC) can also be recorded. Therefore, project files make it possible to automate frequently recurring acquisition sessions for various facilities.For a direct integration in the facility AUTEM offers the BLACKBOX ultra-compact Mini-PC for long-term PLC process data recording. Thanks to the numerous remote connection possibilities (modem, VPN, LAN), the BLACKBOX is excellently suitable for facility remote service.

For a direct integration in the facility, AUTEM offers the BLACKBOX - an ultra-compact, mini-PC for long-term PLC process data recording. And with to the numerous facility remote connections (e.g. modem, VPN and LAN), BLACKBOX is extremely suitable for remote services.

Want to know more about PLC-ANALYZER Pro5?

Please have a look at the Demo Video. There you will find more information and the demo.