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sioCHECK 3

Data analysis and simulation for serial communications


Fields of application

  • Fault diagnosis on serial data lines
  • Detection of sporadic transmission errors
  • Protocol analysis of serial connections
  • Simulation of serial communications participants
  • Long term recording
  • Development, installation, technical service and training

Download and Install Demo

sioCHECK is a software tool for analyzing data, as well as the registry and simulation of data on asynchronous serial lines (e.g. RS232, RS485, RS422, TTY). It can monitor the transfer of data between two serial-connected communication devices; so the data will be continuously displayed, stored and analyzed. In addition to the transferring data and continuous displays, sioCHECK is able to determine the transfer parameters on its own.

If you are planning on conducting long-term recording, sio-CHECK is able to acquire data through the means of trigger conditions. Each trigger can be set for a certain event and therefore, extremely rare faults can be displayed and later analyzed! And natural, detailed expressions of the displayed data can be produced.

With an editor you can create your own simulation programs, which makes sioCHECK an independent participant in the communication process.

The capture of the status lines as wells as the registration of the data time, is accurate to 1 µs. This makes it possible to have the precise analysis of “time-critical” applications.

In contrast to other potential solutions, sioCHECK clearly has the decisive advantage because it captures the communicated data over the serial COM-ports of a PC. Other than a "monitoring cable", no additional hardware is required.

sioCHECK is a tried-and-tested tool that quickly delivers your desired results.

sioCHECK is an indispensable tool for development, construction, installation, technical service and training.