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Light Towers/Stack Lights

Waterproof Light Bar, IP69K - Patlite CLA

Slim waterproof LED light bar!

The CLA Series LED Light Bar produces bright, uniform lighting in an IP-69K enclosure for high-temperature washdown applications such as food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications, as well as illumination for control panels and workstations. The 4 different mounting options and 7 different lengths from 100mm to 1500mm make this product an ideal consideration for fluorescent tube replacement as well. Slide rail enables easy attachment and detachment. Just by attaching the bracket to a set position the main body can easily be detached with one-touch. Also, once mounted and the main body is installed on the slide rail you can easily adjust the right and left mount! IP69K conformity means high pressure washing environments are not a problem for the Patlite CLA series! Meat and food packaging and processing industries and beverage and medicin manufacutring industries are a perfect fit.


  • Manufactured by PatLite
  • IP69K, waterproof:
    • Jet stream of pressurized water at a temperature of 80°C
  • Meet criteria for Zone 2 (gas) and Zone 22 (dust)
  • Meets the criteria for intrinsically safe applications
  • Daylight color, amber color or natural white color
  • Seven different lengths:
    • 100, 200, 300, 600, 900, 1200 and 1500mm!
  • Ultra bright LED illumination
  • Various attachment brackets:
    • Magnetic mount
    • Side rails
    • Screw mount
  • Easy detachment
  • All translucent material
  • Implements equal light distribution with a seamless design!
  • Great for replacing fluorescent lights too!
  • Durable cord can withstand -40°C to +60°C
  • Applications include:
    • Factories, OEM's, HVAC, food and beverage processing, panel boxes, billboards, escalators and indoor lighting!

Part Numbers

Part NumberDescriptionPrice
CLA12S-24-CD-30Industrial LED Light Strip- 1200mm long, Daylight White with 3m cable$406.00
CLA15S-24-CDIndustrial LED Light Strip- 1500mm long, Daylight White$470.00
CLA15S-24-CD-30Industrial LED Light Strip- 1500mm long, Daylight White with 3m cable$513.00
CLA15S-24-CNIndustrial LED Light Strip- 1500mm long, Natural White$470.00
CLA15S-24-CN-30Industrial LED Light Strip- 1500mm long with 3m cable, Natural White$513.00
CLA1S-24-CDIndustrial LED Light Strip- 100mm long, Daylight White$89.00
CLA1S-24-CD-30Industrial LED Light Strip- 100mm long, Daylight White with 3m cable$122.00
CLA1S-24-CN-30Industrial LED Light Strip- 100mm long with 3m cable, Natural White$122.00
CLA2S-24-CDIndustrial LED Light Strip- 200mm long, Daylight White$108.00
CLA3S-24-CDIndustrial LED Light Strip- 300mm long, Daylight White$118.00
CLA3S-24-CD-30Industrial LED Light Strip- 300mm long, Daylight White with 3m cable$149.00
CLA6S-24-CD-30Industrial LED Light Strip- 600mm long, Daylight White with 3m cable$235.00
CLA9S-24-CD-30Industrial LED Light Strip- 900mm long, Daylight White with 3m cable$310.00
CLA9S-24-CN-30Industrial LED Light Strip- 900mm long with 3m cable, Natural White$310.00