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PatLite PATLITE is a leading provider of innovative LED status indicating lights, sound alarms, visual and audible communication network systems and solutions which enhance the safety, security and comfort of workplaces and communities. The company’s products and services help improve the quality control, productivity and safety of industrial automation, commercial, municipal and governmental customers.

Shaft - Patlite SE/SEFB Series
Modifies # of Stacks in LCE/AR-070 Series
Shaft - Patlite ME MES Series
1-5 Light Shaft - Patlite MP Series
Modifies # of Stacks in a Patlite LME/AR/WME-A Series
Shaft - Patlite LE/LEL/LES Series
Shaft - Patlite LGE Series
Wall/Side Mount Bracket, Open - Patlite SZ-012
Mounting Bracket - Patlite ME, MES Series
Bracket - Patlite SZ-013
Rubber Gasket - Patlite SZ-017-RG
Mounting Bracket - Patlite CLA Accessory, SZ-310A Series
SZ-007 Wall Mount Bracket
Replacement Lens - Patlite KX-T Series
Replacement Dome - Patlite SKH-E Accessory
Replacement Lense - Patlite KJS Series
1/2" NPT Adapter - Patlite SZ-903
LED Module - Patlite SE/SEFB Series
3/4" NPT Adapter - Patlite SZ-904
Replacement Dome - Patlite PS/RS Series
Replacement Dome - Patlite RU/RUP Accessory
Replacement Dome - Patlite RH/RHB Accessory
Replacement Dome - Patlite RK/RKB Accessory
Replacement Dome - Patlite SKH/SKHB Accessory
SZ-210 Water-tight Rubber Gasket
Replacement Dome - Patlite KP/RP/RT/XP Accessory
Bracket - Patlite
Lens - Patlite CLE Accessory
SZ-020 Wall Mount Bracket
Wall/Side Mount Bracket, Closed - Patlite SZ-021
SZ-011 Surface/Base Mount Bracket
Replacement Dome - Patlite PES/PEW Series
Replacement Lens - Patlite KUS Accessory
Replacement Lens - Patlite KJ(B)(PV)(ET)(EC) Series
SZ-200A Water-tight Rubber Gasket
SZ-010 Surface/Base Mount Bracket
SZ-017 Enclosed Side Mount Bracket
Extra LED Modules for Patlite LCE/AR070 Series
Extra LED Modules for Patlite LME, AR Series.
Bracket - Patlite SZ-018
Speakers - Patlite FV Accessory
Adapter - Patlite SZ-80NPT
Pedestal - Patlite LS7 Accessory
SZ-016A Surface/Base Mount Bracket
1/2" NPT Adaptor for LME Series - Patlite SZ-70NPT
Bottom Plate - Patlite WME Series
Replacement Lamp - Patlite PS Accessory
Replacement Bulb - Patlite RH/RK Series
Replacement Bulb - Patlite SKH-EA Series
Bulb - Patlite RU/RS Accessory
Bulb - Patlite PES/PEW Accessory
Replacement Bulb - Patlite KJ(S) Series
Bulb - Patlite RH/RK Accessory
Bulb - Patlite KJ(S) Accessory
Swivel Bracket - Patlite SZ-320KS
Replacement Bulb - Patlite SKH-A Series
Replacement Bulb - Patlite LMP-0117
10 ft. Extension Cable for HSST-312-RYG - DT-HSST-10
LED Module - Patlite LU5 Accessory
NPT Adaptor For LU5/LE Series - Patlite SZ-60NPT
Bracket - Patlite SZ-300CL
Upper Bracket
LED Module - Patlite MP Series
SZ-008 Wall Mount Bracket
ST-1000MM Mounting Pole
SL-1000MM Wall Mount Pole with L-Bracket
Upper Bracket - Patlite SZ-50NPT
LED Module - Patlite LU7 Series
SZ-60L Wall Mount Steel Pole with Brackets
Replacement Bulb - Patlite WM-T Series
Accessory - SD Card - Patlite SDV-128P
Bracket - Patlite SZ-70-B
LED Module - Patlite LE/LEL/LES Series
Replacement Strobe - Patlite KX-T Series
Led Module - Patlite ME, MES Series
Replacement Bulb - Patlite RT Accessory
SZ-30L Mounting Pole & Bracket
Bulb Module - Patlite KUS-S
SZ-50L Wall Mount Steel Pole with Brackets
SZ-60T Surface/Base Mounting Pole with Brackets
SZ-70L Wall Mount Steel Pole with brackets
SZ-40L Mounting Pole & Bracket
SZ-80L Wall Mount Pole with Brackets
SZ-40T Mounting Pole & Bracket
SZ-50T Surface/Base Mounting Pole with Brackets
Surfact Mount Bracket - Patlite SZ-330KP
Buzzer Module for MP/MPS Series - Patlite MP-B
LED Module - Patlite WME Series
Mounting Bracket - Patlite VE Accessory VE-01
Replacement Bulb - Patlite KP Accessory
Replacement Bulb - Patlite KP-A Series
SZ-023 Wall Mount Bracket
Light Module for LGE Kit Series - Patlite LGEM Series
Quad-color LED Module - Patlite LME-Q Series
Speaker - Patlite PV-32 Accessory
Light Module - Patlite KUS Accessory
Alarm Unit - Patlite KUS-B
Power Supply - Patlite VE Accessory VE-AD02U
Remote Control - Patlite VE Accessory VE-IRU
Voice and Sound Module for LU7 Series - Unique MP3 Programmable Module LU7-V1
Amplifier - Patlite PV-32 Accessory PVA-30
Extension Pole - Patlite SZ-150
Module - Patlite NHL Accessory
Hole Adapter - Patlite LS7 Accessory
Wall Mount Bracket - Patlite LS7 Accessory
Bracket - Patlite SZ-30-U
Bracket - Patlite NHL Accessory
Mounting Pole & Bracket - Patlite SZ-30T
M12 Disconnect - Patlite LS7 Accessory