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Light Towers/Stack Lights

Slim LED Light Bar, Low Cost & Low Heat! Patlite CLA-P

The highly reliable LED chip used in the new Patlite CLA-P series has nearly 10 times (about 40,000 hours) the lifespan compared to the common fluorescent light, it also does not contain any mercury. Our Patlite CLA-P LED light bar takes advantage of the straight beam optical characteristic of the LED and translucent material without dropping brightness or overdoing it, but reproducing a natural light. The Patlite CLA-P comes in a daylight color and operates between the range of -40 and +140 degrees Fahrenheit (RH 90% or less, no condensation). The CLA-P is good for work benches, control boxes, and other various applications.


  • Manufactured by PatLite
  • Low cost option to replace fluorescent lights
  • Low heat and reduced C02 emissions
    • 34% less heat than fluorescent bulbs
    • Mercury free LED bulbs
  • Available in 300mm or 600mm length
  • 24VDC voltage
  • IP54 rated
  • Long life - 40,000 hours!
  • Highly reliable LED chips
  • Uniform light subdues the glaring brightness
  • Operates between the range of -40 and +140°F