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Light Towers/Stack Lights

100mm Revolving Warning Light, Wall Mount, IP54 Patlite WH(B)-A/WK-A Series

You can mount in any direction - even sideways or upside down!

The Patlite WH-A/WK-A series is a wall mount revolving warning light with audible alarm. This industrial warning light can easily be mounted to an electrical box or panel and the terminal block allows easy wiring! You can install it in any direction indoor or outdoors (please make sure buzzer version is only mounted upright outside).


  • Manufactured by PatLite
  • Colors available: red, yellow, green, and blue.
  • WHB-A & WKB-A (upright) meet IP-23, WH-A & WK-A meet IP-54.
  • Unique beacon with side mount bracket is perfect for vertical, horizontal or inverted mounting positions.
  • Electronic buzzer emits sounds intermittently as the light rotates.
  • Audible sound up to 90dB at 1m, synchronized with light
  • WH Rated: 1P54 (WHB: IP23)
  • Terminal block allows easy wiring
  • Main body is made of ABS resin and dome is made of shock and heat resistant polycarbonate resin.
  • 12V versions are only available by special order.

Part Numbers

Part NumberDescriptionPrice
WH-120A-B+FA001Rotating warning light, wall mount. Blue$138.00
WH-120A-G+FA001Rotating warning light, wall mount. Green$138.00
WH-120A-R+FA001Rotating warning light, wall mount. Red$138.00
WH-120A-Y+FA001Rotating warning light, wall mount. Amber$138.00
WH-24A-BRotating warning light, wall mount. Blue$125.00
WH-24A-GRotating warning light, wall mount. Green$125.00
WH-24A-RRotating warning light, wall mount. Red$125.00
WH-24A-YRotating warning light, wall mount. Amber$125.00
WHB-120A-B+FA001Rotating warning light with alarm, wall mount. Blue$175.00
WHB-120A-G+FA001Rotating warning light with alarm, wall mount. Green$175.00
WHB-120A-R+FA001Rotating warning light with alarm, wall mount. Red$175.00
WHB-120A-Y+FA001Rotating warning light with alarm, wall mount. Amber$175.00
WHB-24A-BRotating warning light with alarm, wall mount. Blue$163.00
WHB-24A-GRotating warning light with alarm, wall mount. Green$163.00
WHB-24A-RRotating warning light with alarm, wall mount. Red$163.00
WHB-24A-YRotating warning light with alarm, wall mount. Amber$163.00