Our Team

We're proud to introduce you to these fabulous people that make the magic happen.

Sales Team

  • Sales Manager Randy Barns Randy has been with EandM for ten years. He recently moved to Southern California to transition into his new role and to be closer to his son, who is attending college. Thinking about going on a cruise? Talk to Randy because he has been on over 38 of them! CONTACT
  • Senior Account Manager Lisa Hull Lisa was EandM’s first hire when EandM expanded and opened the southern California office in 2011. One of her favorite pastimes is hanging out with her beloved rescue pooches; Fredo Corleone and Ginger Rogers George during one of their favorite pastimes–ROADTRIPS! CONTACT
  • Account Manager Tony Laughlin Tony has been with EandM for over six years. He works both as an Account Manager and an Industrial Controls Product Specialist. He believes in the long standing business practice of building solid relationships with his valued customers. CONTACT
  • Account Manager Dan Hanley Dan is married with two kids and lives in the Livermore Valley wine country. In his spare time, he enjoys throwing darts, listening to hard rock, and going wine tasting. CONTACT
  • Business Developer Andres Ponce Andres has been at EandM for five years and is based in the North Bay. He enjoys providing automation solutions and support to his customers. When he’s not working, you can catch him managing an adult softball team in Santa Rosa. CONTACT
  • Business Developer Angelica Anguiano Angelica is a CSU-Fresno graduate. She holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and has six years of experience in Manufacturing and Motion Control. She loves meeting new people and is always amazed with the ingenuity of our customers. CONTACT

Product Experts

  • Product Specialist Hardik Thakkar Hardik joined EandM over four years ago. He previously worked for an OEM and has extensive hands-on experience working with Automation Products. He likes experimenting with cutting edge technologies so he can bring proven solutions to all of EandM’s customers. CONTACT
  • Product Specialist Miguel Mejia Miguel is very passionate about his work and enjoys learning how to integrate SICK products with Siemens PLCS. When he is not doing work related stuff, he enjoys hanging out with his family and friends, and watching sports. (Go Niners!) CONTACT
  • Product Specialist Lillie Deas Lillie has been working at EandM since she could walk, child labor laws do not apply to family businesses, but was officially hired on two years ago. She has been lucky enough to travel to five continents. If you have any movie, music or novella recommendations please share! CONTACT
  • Product Specialist Akshay Bhati Akshay holds a Bachelors in Electronic and Communications and a Masters in Computer Science Engineering making him, both a hardware and a software specialist. He likes experimenting with cutting edge automation to bring proven solutions to clients. He is also a sports car enthusiast, so he can give you excellent car tips too! CONTACT
  • Product Specialist Mitoon Dey Mitoon has an Electrical Engineering background and a huge passion for dance. Aside from reading books, eating, and having Netflix marathons, she also teaches dance class every week. She is always up to explore something new, just make sure it doesn’t involve biking – she’s just starting to learn! CONTACT
  • Product Specialist Sarvjit Sinha Sarvjit has a Bachelors in Electronics and Telecommunications, a Masters in Electrical Engineering with specialization in Adaptive Control Systems, and has worked on developing firmware for inter-device communication. He’s passionate about cooking and loves experimenting with new cuisines. CONTACT

Tech Support

  • Technical Support Engineer Daniel Nicholas Daniel has been on the EandM technical support team for just over ten years. He says "he spends his days at work so his nights and weekends are available for family time, riding bikes or building things that amuse him." CONTACT
  • Technical Support Engineer Brian Meinz Brian has been with EandM technical support for nine years. He enjoys the challenges and rewards of a constant learning curve environment. Outside of the office, Brian likes camping, backpacking, and attempting to play guitar. CONTACT
  • Technical Support Engineer Joe Schlitzer Joe has been with our automation support team for just over a year. He’s kept busy goofing off with his energetic infant son, enjoying the outdoors of Northern California or watching a SF Giants baseball game. CONTACT
  • Technical Support Engineer Mark Nelson Mark recently joined the EandM technical support team. In his spare time he likes restoring old radios, working on computers, jogging and swimming. Most of all he enjoys spending time with his family. CONTACT

Inside Sales

  • Sales Operations Manager Kathleen Brown Kathleen has been with EandM for over eight years. She like traveling, camping, gardening, and baking. She is also a huge music lover of all varieties, but only plays two instruments - the piano and the flute… actually three if you count the tambourine. CONTACT
  • Inside Sales Lead Dani Vargas Dani has worked for EandM for over six years. She has two small monsters that rule her during off hours. In an effort to escape, she’s always looking for the newest tap room, podcast or audiobook. CONTACT
  • Inside Sales Dylan Bree Dylan has been with EandM for just over five years. In his free time, Dylan can be seen trying out the latest tech gadget or micro-brew. He is an avid San Jose Sharks fan, and believes that 2017 is the year they finally win the Stanley Cup! CONTACT
  • Inside Sales Dan Ponce Dan has been with EandM since March of 2014. He is a passionate Oakland Athletics fan and believes there is no better stadium than the O.co Coliseum. In his spare time he enjoys golfing and chasing birds with his German Shepard Emma. CONTACT
  • Inside Sales Mindy Ward Mindy joined the Inside Sales Team in December, 2016. She grew up in the South Bay and moved to Sonoma County ten years ago. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, playing sports and card games, and hiking local trails. Mindy is a fan of the Golden State Warriors, San Francisco Giants and the 49ers.” CONTACT
  • Inside Sales Tony Vasco Tony has been with EandM for almost two years. In his spare time, Tony plays bass in heavy metal bands and tries to keep up with his three dogs. CONTACT
  • Inside Sales Tabatha Reece Tabatha has been with EandM since June 2015. She has three amazing children and a dog that weighs as much as the three of them together. CONTACT
  • Inside Sales Ty Brown Ty has been with EandM for five years. In his spare time, he enjoys fishing, camping, watching Ancient Aliens and perfecting his barbeque - with a goal of competing at the "Memphis in May National Barbeque Competition" in Tennessee. CONTACT
  • Inside Sales Tyler Carewe Tyler joined Inside Sales in January 2017. He grew up in Petaluma, where he now resides with his wife and two children. In his spare time, Tyler enjoys playing basketball, video games, and keeping up with the latest consumer technology. He is an avid Golden State Warriors fan and feels he waited long enough for that to pay off. CONTACT