All Industries

EandM has been providing products, services and support to almost every industry, in every corner of the state of California, since 1955.

  • Automotive, Food Processing, Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical, Oil and Gas and Water/Wastewater are some of the key markets for EandM. Today the demands on plants for increased uptime in order to meet production and efficiency goals have never been greater. Our products and services are geared to help YOU. Our products are extensive and our inventory is huge. You can call, fax or e-mail your orders. We acknowledge all orders in minutes via e-mail and you can track your purchase orders via our web site. No need to call asking for availability or delivery information. Why wait? You need your products now.
  • Training and Support are vital to the smooth operation of any plant. Check out our current class schedule with classes covering topics vital to your operation. The best way to maintain uptime is to know your automation systems and how to diagnose faults. Check out our workshop schedule where our goal is to focus on 2 or 3 common but specific problems that our customers are facing. We share in the half-day workshop how the problems are solved and always include a lengthy 'ask the expert' Q&A session. Don’t have the time to go to a class? Well, if you are stuck for time, check out our online study tutorial. If you need help, EandM tech support is a phone call away. Our system actively avoids the use of voice mail. What's the point in leaving a voice mail when your production line is down?