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The ChekVolt Non-Contact Enclosure Voltage Portal reduces arc flash risks and increases electrical safety by providing maintenance personnel a no-touch voltage portal on the outside of grounded metallic electrical enclosures. The ChekVolt interface, installed on an electrical panel, allows maintenance people to use a non-contact voltage detector 'pen' to check line voltage before and after they open the main disconnect. The ability to pre-verify electrical isolation before opening a panel puts an additional safety measure between electricians and hazardous voltage. Standard yellow nameplates help remind personnel to pre-verify every voltage point before accessing the panel interior.

Maintenance people carry non-contact voltage detector 'pens' to quickly verify the presence of voltage in a conductor. These devices beep or flash in the presence of voltage. The ChekVolt simply extends the line voltage from the main disconnect (or other voltage source) through a wire into an encapsulated non-metallic assembly fastened to the enclosure exterior.

The ChekVolt interface installs into a 1/2" (13mm) drilled hole. All nameplates simplify field installations with drilling locator tabs. Install Qty (3) R-1A for 3-phase applications.


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