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PatLite PATLITE is a leading provider of innovative LED status indicating lights, sound alarms, visual and audible communication network systems and solutions which enhance the safety, security and comfort of workplaces and communities. The company’s products and services help improve the quality control, productivity and safety of industrial automation, commercial, municipal and governmental customers.

Light Towers/Stack Lights
50mm Modular Light Tower, 24VDC - Patlite LU5 Series
70mm Modular Light Tower, 24VDC - Patlite LU7 Series
57mm Compact LED Beacon, Continuous Light - Patlite NE Series
82mm Steady/Flashing Light - Patlite PS(F) Series
50mm LED Light Tower, Pole or Direct Mount - Patlite LES-A(W)
40mm LED Light Tower - NEMA Rated 4, 4X & 13! - Patlite LCE Series
60mm LED Light Tower, 1 to 5 Lights - Patlite LME- Series
118mm Revolving Warning Light - Patlite SKH-A (BULB) Series
25mm Slim Tower, 24VDC - Patlite ME & MES Series
186mm Warning Light - Patlite KG
30mm Slim LED Tower, Silver Body, 24V AC/DC, IP65 - Patlite MP/MPS, MP-C
100mm Revolving Warning Light - Patlite SKH-EA Series
82mm Revolving Warning Light - Patlite RU/RS Series
Waterproof Light Bar, IP69K - Patlite CLA
Slim LED Light Bar, Low Cost & Low Heat! - Patlite CLA-P
60mm LED Light Tower, Steel Pole - NEMA 4, 4X & 13! - Patlite LME-L Series
70mm Square/Cube Tower, LED or Incandescent - Patlite KUS Series
100mm Revolving Warning Light - Patlite RH-AUL/RK-AUL Series
100mm LED Signal Tower - Patlite LGEBC
40mm LED Light Tower, Silver Body - 24VDC Only - Patlite LCE-U Series
82 or 116mm Square/Cube Rotating Beacon, Incandescent - Patlite KJ(S) Series
82mm Flashing LED Dome - Patlite PES/PEW Series
162mm Revolving Warning Light, Bulb Type - Patlite KP-A Series
100mm Revolving Warning Light, Wall Mount, IP54 - Patlite WH(B)-A/WK-A Series
100mm Revolving LED Warning Light - Patlite RHE/RKE (LED) Series
118mm LED Revolving Warning Light - Patlite SKHE Series
60mm, Four Colors in a Single Stack LED Light Tower! - Patlite LME-Q Series
100mm Signal Light, Strobe - Patlite KX-T Series
New Modern Design Light Tower, 24V, IP67 - Patlite LS7 Series
LED Surface Mount Warning Light, 33 Flash Patterns - Patlite LP6US
50mm Work Station Light Kit - Patlite HSST-312-RYG
Square LED Work Light, 24VDC - Patlite CLN-/CLN-EX Series
71mm LED Spotlight - 24VDC! - Patlite CLE Series
Wall Mount LED Light, 80mm Profile - Patlite WME Series
Waterproof LED Light Bar, IP67 - Patlite CLF Series
Manual Control Box Kit for Light Towers - Patlite WSST-KIT
100mm Multifeature LED Beacon, 24VDC! - Patlite KHE
Ultra Slim LED Wall Mount Light, 37.5mm Profile - Patlite WE Series
162mm Large Strobe - Patlite XP Series
85mm Super Bright LED Spotlight, 24VDC! - Patlite CLM-24
LED Worklight - Light Bar - Patlite CLK Series
162mm Rotating LED Warning Light, Heavy Duty - Patlite RLR-M Series
162 mm Large Horn with Revolving Warning Light, 32 Sounds - Patlite RT-E Series
40mm Explosion Proof Light Tower, Zone 2 - Patlite AR-070 Series
Wall Mount LED Voice Synthesizer, MP3 Compatible - Patlite WG Series
MP3 File Playback Circuit Board & Voice Synthesizer - Patlite FV-127
40mm PC-Controlled LED Signal Light Tower, 24VDC - Patlite PHE-3FBE1 Series
50mm DeviceNet Signal Tower, 24VDC - Patlite LE-D3 Series
MP3 Compatible, 32-Sound LED Light Tower - Patlite LKEH-FE Series
60mm Explosion Proof Light Tower, Zone 2 - Patlite AR-078 Series
MP3 Compatible, Voice Synthesizer LED Light Tower - Patlite LKEH-FV Series
Explosion Proof Light Bar, Zone 2 - Patlite CLF/EXN
37.5mm Wall Mount Signal Tower, DeviceNet - Patlite WEP-D3 (LED) Series
Combination LED Rotating Beacon w/ 4 Channels, MP3 - Patlite RFV Series
LED Light Bar - Patlite CLT3024S/EXN
Network Monitoring Signal Tower - Patlite NHL-FB
Explosion Safe Horn & Stack Light, Zone 2 - Patlite LKEH/EXN
Explosion Proof LED 3-Color Signal Tower, Zone 1 - Patlite EDLM Series
Explosion Proof LED 5-Color Signal Tower, Zone 1 - Patlite EDWM Series
Replacement Bulb - Patlite WH-A/WK-A Series
Intrinsically Safe Light Bar - Patlite CLA/EXN